“Wee thee vikings”

Family gallery design

American Swedish Institute

Screenshot 2019-04-29 10.30.34.png

* Exhibition Opens May 17, 2019! *

I was given the enormous opportunity to design and create the new family gallery at The American Swedish Institute in conjunction with their new Viking Exhibition. The gallery was utilizing a new space in the museum, and as such we wanted to create an immersive experience by creating a vibrant world inspired by the Vikings. (But maybe a little bit more fun than the original viking may have experienced!) Each wall of the gallery flowed into the next, themed around different aspects of the Viking way of life. A map of their world, an ocean, a few rune stones, a village, a longhouse, and a forest.

“Imagine navigating the open seas as a Viking adventurer, or finding a quiet corner to learn about Norse gods. This hands-on, play-based space for our youngest visitors, now in the Mansion’s lower level Benson gallery, inspires exploration of the Viking world.” - The American Swedish Institute

If you would like to see more of any of these pieces, you can find them linked below.