“honey B” and “Cat - Dog”

dyslexia helper posters

Connie Johnson Tutoring

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“Honey B”

Some of the hardest letters for people with dyslexia to parse out are d b q & p (I can attest!) Connie Johnson is a tutor who focuses on working with children with dyslexia, as well as other reading and processing issues. She uses this idea to help her students figure out if a letter is a d or b. By saying”honey b” it reminds the student that if you make an “h” and connect the bottom, it is a b. If it doesn’t look like an “h” than it is a d!

I wanted to help mimic the singsong way she says it to her students, and the hand movement she has them do to activate multiple areas of the brain.

Sketches & Design

Sketches & Design

“Cat - Dog”

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